Make $1,000 per month in blogging

First things first, you can…make money blogging.  This needs to be drilled into your head at first. That inner voice needs to stop. The first thing to understand is that it is very much doable, for Trump’s sake! Otherwise, no online publication would be in business and the writers of such online publications would die of starvation. But no, they are thriving like rats and mice.

So, grow over your nagging voice, right?

And now, how do you think you would make $1,000 in blogging? You have two ways to accomplish that:

Start an online publication. See how I don’t say blog but online publication instead? It sounds formal and more like a business. You have to treat it like a business. Keep writing high-quality stuff and promote the holy bejeezus out of it. Simple.

But that’s what everybody says, right? Let’s take it one step further. Consider each of your posts as a salesperson. Remember, your blog does not rank high on search engines. One of the pages does. Your blog does not become viral either. One of your posts does. So, a star salesperson…let him piggyback your best offers.

Calculate how much cash each offer might bring you. So, product X sells for $10.99? Great. What is the conversion rate? I mean, how many visitors out of the total unique visits actually buys your product? So, you say 5 percent? Great. You need to bring 5 out of 100 unique visitors will buy your $10.99 product. Hey, you just got $55 dollars in your bank account. Now, multiply that by 30 days. And that’s $1,650 per month! Holy moly, isn’t that what you wanted.

Write for an online publication. Okay, you haven’t got the guts (or resources) to start a blog. No worries. Go work for someone who does. Blog owners are always looking for writers. Nobody wants to stick all their fate into one marketing strategy. So, every, I repeat, EVERY sensible business owner will start written content marketing sooner or later.

And that’s where you come in.

Now, don’t sell out for $10 a 1000-word post. You have to write such posts to make a grand per month. Or that comes around to 3-4 posts per day. Not worthwhile. Work on your skill and price it accordingly.

freelance writing rates

Focus on how much time it will take to complete it and quote the price based on your expected hourly income. So, if a well-researched post takes you two hours and your expected hourly income is $35 per hour (since you are relatively new), you need to quote $70 per post. At that rate, you would need to write only 15 posts per month.

Yes, whether that’s a 1000-word post or a 2000 word one, you have to decide. It’s your business.

Writers don’t starve these days…if you know how to play your cards right.


#1 tip for a freelance writer in 2018

I would go against the tide here. And this comes from my own experience.

Always, always write specs!

If you are starting out in freelance writing in 2018, you must remember that you are up against a sky-high level of competition. It’s actually very tough to set down your freelance writing business when almost everyone—and their pet dog, cat and even their grandma—is “writing”!

Don’t be discouraged yet. What you must rather do is, think like a businessperson. The only thing that should bother you is whether there is a ‘hungry’ market or not. If there exists one, all you need to do is cut through the competition and wriggle yourself into a particular niche…and shine.

But how? Good question.

Write, write, write.

It means you must always write even if you don’t have a client at the moment. Just keep writing where you sharpen your skills every day and yes, churn out yet another sample in the process.

Remember, these specs or samples that you write on a regular basis forces you to specialize in a few particular subjects over time and that’s what brings in money as a freelance writer, my friend.

Takeaway: Write samples every day. Become a specialist in a particular niche. Clients will throng at your door.