what’s up you guys so today I’m back with another video and I want to give you kind of a behind the scenes look at exactly how I scaled my freelance writing business to 5k a month in just four months let me start at the beginning or a little before the beginning just about two years ago I was sitting at a full-time job that I hated it was a toxic work environment and it was just so stressful that I started to literally get health issues including a stress eye twitch it was not a good look for all those reasons and more I knew I needed to get out and when I discovered freelance writing as a career possibility I was ready to make that happen but like a lot of people I wasn’t sure about the right time to do it but all that changed when I got fired from my full-time job so at that point I didn’t have a choice I had to make happen for my business or I wasn’t going to have any money and before we go any further there’s a few things I want you to know I don’t have a bunch of formal writing experience I didn’t have a huge Network I could use to land clients when I started out and I sure as hell didn’t have a degree I’m a three-time college dropout so like I’m the epitome of a failure by society’s terms and I still made this work so I’m not saying that to pat myself on the back I’m saying it so that you know even if you feel like you’re a failure or you’re somewhere in life that you don’t want to be at or you feel like you’re stuck in a really shitty situation you can take action and do something like this and change your life and grow a freelance writing business so I want to help you out with that and that’s what I’m going to do in today’s video because I’m going to walk you through a month-by-month breakdown of exactly what I did to scale my business quickly let’s get started [Music] okay so in April of 2015 I got fired from my full-time job and my husband’s work contract ended the same day lucky us right less than a week before this I just found out that I had an early stage skin cancer on my leg so I’m very very fortunate that it hadn’t progressed or anything like that but it did add to the stress of the situation both from the standpoint of worrying about my health and worrying about how to pay for all these medical bills that I knew that I was going to have so the rest of April after I got fired I mostly spent just kind of dealing with that health anxiety and dealing with this huge life transition from getting fired to trying to grow my own business but I did do some work I did kind of the mindset work I needed to do getting in the mindset that I was going to treat this like a business and not treat it like you know I’m a desperate freelancer wanting work from anyone who will give it to me so I got my mind right and I picked a profitable for you that’s right niche I decided that I was going to specialize in IT and Technology content so I started building on a website for myself that I knew would position my niche expertise in that industry so on that note picking a niche is really important if you haven’t heard of that word before it just means your area of specialty so you’re a finance writer as opposed to a regular freelance writer or you’re a b2b healthcare writer as opposed to a general freelance writer that’s really important and something need to figure out early in your career if you want to scale quickly seriously you need to do this picking a high-paying freelance writing niche a good niche at first is what allowed me to grow my business quickly so do everything you can do some research and make sure that you’re doing your best to pick a profitable freelance writing niche starting out alright so moving on to May May of 2015 was a big month for me I had my melanoma removed from my leg and all the margins came back clear so that was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders I was feeling a lot less anxious more focused on what I needed to do to grow my business so I landed a total of three freelance writing clients this month one of those came from the pro bloggers job board which is a job board obviously on the pro blogger website and most of the clients there look for free myths bloggers that is one of the main job boards I use starting out I didn’t do up work I didn’t do like a bunch of other bidding sites and content mills and stuff like that I had made up my mind I was going to only use high paying job boards and I wasn’t going to rely on those even as a sole source of income so that’s important to know if you want to grow your business fast you’ve got to treat it like a business and not get yourself in these situations where you’re bidding for work or setting yourself up to be in an employee employer relationship rather than a business owner to business owner relationship the other two clients that later this month or result of my cold emailing now if you’re not familiar with cold emailing it pretty much just means you send a very personalised and very targeted email that introduces you and your services and how you can help to a business person in your target clients industry so for example for me I was writing in the IT and technology industry so I was sending cold emails to IT and Technology clients only that was my super focused niche marketing strategy and that is key to landing clients with cold emailing you don’t need to be a generalist emailing anyone and everyone you need to be focused on a specific niche in only cold emailing target clients in that niche that is what I did I set a goal of sending 20 to 25 cold emails a day and the first day I ever did it I sent 17 out and two of those converted to high-paying clients so hundreds of dollars for each client after this happened I was like a cold emailing machine before I did it I didn’t think it was going to be successful it was hard for me to believe as someone who was new to freelance writing and had just been fired this could actually work for me I was cold emailing like CEOs and marketing managers and I just felt like a total fraud and totally insecure about it but I just sat down and said like I’m gonna get do it anyway why not and it actually worked and it paid off big-time as one of the most successful marketing methods for me as a new freelance writer so I was really excited about it I mean I had heard good things about cold emailing but to see it actually work for me it just felt like a miracle and I felt like I had discovered the key to finding high-paying clients without using up work and content mills and all those horrible things where you get paid like penny per word for a thousand words that’s just and you don’t have to do it okay try cold emailing I have a free resource in the description box below and it is a downloadable guide that will teach you the exact cold emailing strategy I use starting out in-depth so pick that up if you want to try cold emailing for yourself again it’s in the description box below and it is a free downloadable guide so moving on to June of 2015 I made over $1,500 this month and I could not believe that it was crazy to me that I was able to make this much working from home as a freelance writer doing something I actually wanted to be doing with no asshole boss standing over my shoulder and no toxic work environment and office politics of all those horrible things that coming and in hand with most nine-to-five jobs I landed one of my biggest clients this month and they came again from the pro bloggers job board and it was an agency who was outsourcing some blog post writing to me so blog post writing is a really good source of consistent income because typically when a client wants blog posts they’re not just wanting like a one-and-done situation they want xml for a week or X amount per month so that’s a good clientele to go after if you want to feel more secure about having consistent income I got another big client this month from LinkedIn and it wasn’t even from actively pitching or whatever on leads in it was just someone who came across my profile saw my writing and liked it and then he reached out to me and hired me with LinkedIn you want to be sure to have keywords related to your niche in your profile if you’re a dental freelance writer have that in your headline and in your summary same with any niche finance mental health whatever you do you need to have those keywords in your profile because high paying clients are using LinkedIn like a search engine and they’re not searching for a general freelance writer they’re searching for a feelings writer in their specific industry seriously you’ve got to do this it is such an easy win when it comes to landing clients because you just fill out your profile once and you will gradually start attracting clients in June I also found some clients using cold emailing again one of my favorite marketing strategies I was still just like a cold emailing machine I loved it because I gotten to a point where I felt like I really had a good grasp on good subject line writing and how to write a pitch that would get a response instead of getting deleted all that good stuff that made me feel really confident that I could sustain my business and continue growing it July of 2015 was a big month for me I made about $3,100 this month when freelance writing and I was super excited because this was like more than I had been making and my previous full-time job so this happened mostly because one of my clients started giving me more frequent work but then I had another client a new client find me on LinkedIn because she was searching for a specific keyword on LinkedIn and I was a person who popped up again do not underestimate the power of optimizing your LinkedIn profile you got to do it if you want to land freelance writing clients on LinkedIn alright we’ve made it to August August of 2015 was a huge month for me I made over fifty three hundred dollars this month as a freelance writer so I landed two new clients this month one of them found me via my freelance writer website I optimized it for SEO and I was starting to get more enquiries because my SEO was starting to kick in another client I landed from the problogger job board again so that was another high paying client that I added to my client list and at this point I had shifted my niche a little bit to writing mostly b2b or business-to-business blog posts as opposed to just IT and Technology related stuff so I was pretty overworked at this point not going to add I was sitting on the beach drinking a Corona that is not realistic and that’s not what happened but it taught me a lot and soon after that I raised my rates and I’m gradually raised my rates over time since then the point where I could make more working less and I’ve gotten paid up to and beyond four hundred dollars for a single blog post and I made over eight thousand dollars in a single month freelance writing again I’m not trying to brag about my income or throw how much money I’ve made in your face I just want you to know that even if your fuckup like me who dropped out of college multiple times like made all kinds of horrible mistakes in life in their career you can make a change and you can grow a business and it doesn’t have to take a long time if you use the right marketing strategy and you sit down and do the work I’m not going to act like it’s the easiest thing you’ll ever do but it’s also probably not as hard as you think so that’s how I grew my business hopefully this video gives you some takeaways you can use to start marketing yourself and put yourself out there and win high-paying clients without feeling like you gotta resort to content mills and horrible bidding sites like upwork if you want even more help growing a freelance writing business I have a free course that will teach you even more in depth how I scale my business to five thousand dollars a month in four months this course goes deep on how to pick a profitable niche that will allow you to win high-paying clients how to set up a website that sells your services how to market yourself online actionable stuff you can take and use to win client just a bunch of fluffy that isn’t going to help you or your career this is advice you can take and implement and start winning high-paying clients with so if you want to start freelance writing and you want to turn it into your career I would encourage you to sign up for the course again it’s free it is actionable it has tons and tons of stuff that if you implement it can help you win high-paying clients I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please hit the thumbs up button below give me a like show me a little love and if you want to see more videos on freelance writing and creative entrepreneurship general go ahead and subscribe to my channel because that’s what I’m all about thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time [Music]


FREELANCE WRITING: How to Start & Find Jobs in 2018 (for Beginners!)

what’s up you guys and welcome back to my channel today’s video as you can probably tell by the title is all about how to start feelings riding in 2018 so if you’ve been around my channel a while you know that I talk about this sort of thing kind of a lot but I really just wanted to create a new comprehensive updated guide with the six steps for you to start freelance writing and land clients and all that good stuff Before we jump in as always throw a like my way if you enjoyed this video it really does help my channel out and subscribe if you want to see more videos about three Lance writing and creative entrepreneurship and now that’s out of the way let’s go ahead and get started so I’m actually going to be referencing this blog post that I wrote about this exact same topic as we go through this video today and then just giving you guys a bunch of extra tips and advice so I will link that blog post above for you and in the description box below click on that so you can follow along and get a better idea of the steps I am going to be talking about now the first thing I want to mention just like I mentioned in this blog post over here is that we’re not gonna be talking about shitty content mills we’re not gonna be talking about bidding sites like up work sites like Fiverr that really devalue writers I don’t fuck with those and I don’t want you to fuck with those either so what we’re gonna be talking about is how to start a real sustainable business and start marketing yourself so step number one is to get your mindset right and stick with me here because I know this doesn’t sound like practical is it sound like a real tip but this is so important and so key to your success as a freelance writer or really any type of business owner you have to be in the right mindset if you want to attract the right types of clients if you want to market yourself effectively and all the other stuff you’re gonna need to do to grow your business so for example just like I’ve listed out in this blog post over here you don’t want to be so broke that you’re gonna take on any project that means you don’t wanna be in the mindset where you are just desperate for client works let me tell you clients can smell that shit from a mile away they will take advantage of you and you will get stuck in this cycle of accepting low pay and it’s really really hard to break out of that once you’re stuck there because you’ll continue to just keep working just for that little bit of money to get by instead of taking that time to market yourself in a way that will allow you to land higher paying clients on that note of being desperate you’ve got to make sure that you are in the mindset that you are a business owner not just an employee and not just a freelancer who is desperate for work you instead want to think of yourself as a professional writer whatever it is you do specifically a professional white paper writer a professional case study writer a professional finance blogger think of yourself that way and think of yourself as an independent business owner and not just someone’s employee we’re not looking for jobs or gigs you are looking to build a clientele you’re looking for clients and you got to think of yourself that way and with mindset too you’ve got to be ready to put in the work now I am all about hustling but I’m also all about self-care however when you first start your business if you’re anything like I was with no impressive portfolio no connections and barely any money to invest you’re gonna have to hustle there’s gonna be long days there’s gonna be long hours you just have to put a deadline on that time period keep yourself in that positive mindset and just think I’m hustling right now but it’s only gonna be for a little while and I’m gonna take care of myself while I’m doing it even though I am gonna have to work these long hours I’m gonna have to put in the extra work up front that way I can relax and it’s gonna pay off later on and that way you can work less later on ask any business owner even the ones who are just kind of chilling right now working four to six hours a day making passive income we all started out in that hustle phase where you’re just having to work a lot and really hustle to build your portfolio and your clientele so make sure you’ve got your mind set in the place where you are gonna be able to do that okay moving around along to tip number two or step number two which is choose your niche aka the area of writing that you are going to specialize it and actually have a little graphic over here in this blog post so I will throw that up on the for you you’ve got to pick a niche and it’s got to be something you know about or something you can learn about something profitable and something you’re interested in and or would enjoy writing about when you hit all of those three requirements that is gonna be the perfect niche for you and if you’re sitting there like wait a second what is a niche I’m already lost well your niche is just a specific type of writer you are so you finish down by industry you’re a finance writer you finish down by type of content you write you’re a white paper writer or you can niche down by both of those things so you’re a technology case study writer now the biggest mistake I see a lot of real ads writers make when they go to pick a niche is they just hold themselves back they overthink it they think is this the right one or is this the right one or is this the right one and instead of taking imperfect action and just giving themselves permission to fuck up and just fix it and change it later they just get this kind of analysis paralysis perfectionism type of thing going on which I can definitely relate to by the way I’ve been there many times in my business for sure but they just get stuck and they don’t take action just make the best decision you can about your niche just go into it with the best educated guess as to what the best niche for you is gonna be and you know what if you pitch and you kind of try to validate the mission it doesn’t really work out then you can just change it it doesn’t take that much effort to change your niche basically just gotta update your website in social profiles and I’ve changed my niche so many times when I was freelance writing full-time seriously I did it a ton so I’m saying that from first-hand experience you can always change it later but don’t hold yourself back due to not knowing what your perfect niche is just make that best educated guess and jump right in but at least pick some kind of niche because high paying clients do not want to work with generalists so here’s an example I use a lot in another industry freelance photography when I got married I eloped to Las Vegas with my then boyfriend now husband I did not want a wedding photographer I did not want someone who did a whole bunch of shit including weddings I wanted someone who specialized in elopement photography someone who could really do amazing Los Vegas photography they were a niche photographer specializing in exactly what the fuck I wanted and I was willing to invest a lot of money in this so in this case I was the high paying client seeking a niche freelance photographer you got to think like this when you are choosing your niche or if you’re like oh I don’t want to pick a niche you really do because high paying clients are looking for something specific they’re looking for someone with an area of expertise because your area of expertise or niche really builds trust with clients and attracts the type of clientele who is willing to pay you very well for your work so definitely pick a niche don’t email me wondering why you haven’t learned any clients you don’t have an issue because I will say you got a niche down you got a market your niche that is seriously so key to your success as a freelance writer alright step number three kind of related to picking a niche you’ve got to figure out who you help in other words you need to identify who your target client is so again here just like with niching down you just got to jump in if you’re not sure jump in and learn as you go for me it took me a while after I was freelance writing full-time to figure out the exact target clientele I wanted to work with on a consistent basis so this may not be something that you’re gonna know right from the start but do prioritize at least figuring it out the reason this is so important is the same niche can be very profitable and very not profitable depending on who you target within that niche so you want to target a clientele that a values the kind of work you do and B has the budget to pay you well for your work with the budget it really just kind of depends oftentimes larger businesses are gonna have a very content marketing budget but not all the time but with valuing the kind of work you do that just means that it’s clear by this businesses marketing strategy from what you can tell that they value whatever it is that you write so for example if you are a blog post writer for technology companies you probably don’t want to pitch a bunch of technology companies who don’t have any blog posts they don’t even have a vlog tab on their website because that kind of signals that they don’t really value blogging as a content marketing method that much which is not good for you because that means if they don’t value it and they’re probably not gonna be willing to pay you well for your work and by the way if you want even more help in like a more in-depth guide to all the steps I’m talking about in this video I do have a totally free freelance writing course over 7000 freelance writers have gone through it many have landed client work from it so I will drop that link below a description box in the pinned comment and maybe above if I can get the link to work there but it’s also linked in this blog post that we are going through today again it’s totally free so check that out before you leave this video now step number four is to set up a website for yourself and more importantly a website that sells your freelance writing services a professional business website you’ll notice I did not say a portfolio here that is because you don’t want to create a portfolio you want to create a business website that has just like one little section in the navigation that says portfolio so people can click on that and look at your work but the main website is all there for the purpose of selling your services and you should actually approach your homepage to your site kind of like a sales page you’ve really got to use that site to position yourself and to build trust with clients and market yourself and sell your services rather than just talking about yourself and how much you love writing and all that kind of shit that clients unfortunately really don’t care about so I hope you’re following along with me in this blog post because it has a shit ton our resources linked out from it one of them is my how to set up your freelance writer website and one day or less it is a tech tutorial head over there and click on that if you don’t have a site you need to get that done so that will walk you through that entire process but other than that just a few tips for setting up your site so that it sells one of them is to put your niche and a big headline on your homepage the reason for this is because you want your niche to be immediately clear the second someone lands on your website they should know this person does this kind of writing that is their area of specialty because that is gonna build trust with that person right away and therefore make it easier for you to land clients especially if you’re like me when I started out and then have a whole lot of testing impressive portfolio or much going for me really if you can relate to that then know that your niche will help you so much the reason why is before a client will hire you they must trust you and if you don’t have trust building elements like social proof and testimonials and all that kind of stuff what you do have is your niche expertise in your area of specialty and you can use that to build trust with your target clients to the point where they will hire you another tip for your website is to tailor everything to your target clientele so again it may take you a little while to figure out exactly the clientele you want to target within your niche but when you do you got to spend time getting to know their pain points their wants their goals their needs in relation to what you do let me give you an example of why this is so important so let’s say you are an IT blog post writer and you’re targeting small IT businesses so maybe if you’re pitching them you are reaching out to a CEO or a CMO some type of big shot at that company who’s in charge of their marketing well I’ve seen a lot of freelance writers do is they’ll say stuff on their website like are you tired of writing blog post wish you had more time for other stuff let me take over the blog post writing for you and so on and yeah you get the picture the problem with that is if you’re targeting CEOs and CMOS and really small IT businesses they are probably not the ones doing the writing so in other words you are addressing a pain point on your website that doesn’t even relate to them they can’t relate to that so that’s not gonna help you sell saying something like do you wish you’d save time writing all these blog posts to a CEO or CMO that’s not gonna sell your services to them that’s not their pain point that’s not what they’re looking for so you can see why figuring out your niche and your target clientele and getting to know them is so important it really affects all of your marketing it affects the way you write your website coffee the way you market yourself on social media all these things really really tie in to your niche and your target clientele which is why you want to figure those things out for sure we want to find a little tip here on creating a freelance writer website is to make sure that it’s super easy for them to contact you no matter what page you’re not even begin to tell you how many websites I’ve seen and visited where I go to contact the person or I’m looking for a way to contact them and it’s like you gotta jump through 20 fuckin hoops to even find their email address or a contact form that is a big problem because you never know which page of your website and potential client is gonna be hanging out on when they decide hey I should reach out to this person and maybe work with them and if they can’t figure out how to reach out to you they’re probably just gonna click away and go find someone else so what I suggest doing is having a little contact button in your navigation bar that way it is visible at all times and they can click on that and reach out to you at any time while they are browsing your website onto step number five which is create your niche portfolio pieces one of the questions I get a whole lot foofy Lance writers is how do I make a portfolio how can I have a portfolio when I haven’t had any clients yet well the answer there is you can self publish you can use medium Linkedin publisher your own blog or whatever to create your own portfolio pieces if you haven’t had any work yet you can also do a couple of free projects for clients or projects in exchange for a testimonial the only thing with that is you definitely want to put a limit on the number of projects like that you do do not get caught in a cycle of doing that and don’t feel like you have to have a ton of samples two to three to start out is totally fine what’s most important is that your samples showcase your niche expertise if you want to be a finance blogger for example you’ve got to have finance blog post in your portfolio so make that a priority and if you are gonna work for free for a couple projects just to build your portfolio up make sure the ROI is there in other words the return on your investment it’s gonna be a big waste of time for you if you’re a finance blogger and you do a technology case study for free because that’s not relevant to the kind of work you want to be doing and the clients you’re gonna be targeting so at the very least if you work for free get a niche sample that really really showcases your industry expertise and also try to get a testimonial out of it because that is another great way to get good ROI from your one or two free projects that you take on now I get asked about portfolios a whole lot so check out this blog post hopefully you’re scrolling through it with me right now also have a link from this blog post to my other blog post on how to create a client winning freelance writing portfolio and it has all the details on exactly what I recommend doing for your portfolio so head over there and check that out if you have more questions on to step number six which is my favorite step to talk about and that is pitch and cold email this goes right back to step one – you having a hustle when you first start out unless you’ve got a bunch of connections and a bunch going for you you’re gonna have to hustle and pitch you’re gonna have to send out a bunch of cold emails to land your first client out and cold emailing just means you’re sending a very tailored very high-quality email to your target client in your niche where you are letting them know about your services and trying to get them to work with you pretty sure I explained that a whole lot better over in this blog post so let me just look over here and see what I said yeah this is definitely way better it says effective cold emailing means sending a tailored strategic email to a target client in your niche and then it says the entire email should work together to build trust with that client and make it easy for them to say yes to your call-to-action at the end of the email so the first day I sent cold emails as a freelance writer I did a big ol batch of those and I said 17 out and two of those converted to high-paying clients if you think about it yes that means I got rejected 15 times but I really care about that right what does that matter if you’re gonna land clients it doesn’t so don’t let the fear of rejection hold you back from pursuing your freelance writing business or whatever it is that you want to do as a writer you’re gonna get rejected sometimes that is just part of it even the greatest writers in the whole world have gotten rejected dozens and dozens of times shit happens you gotta just deal with it and you got to develop a thick skin and just keep going so two reasons cold emailing worked so well for me number one is that I used a niche marketing strategy with my cold emails my cold emails weren’t just randomly sent out just no strategy behind them I was very strategic about who I sent them to what I wrote in those emails when I linked out to and all of that kind of stuff I was an IT and Technology writer so my whole website was set up to market to that clientele and I only emailed IT and technology companies so my whole niche marketing strategy really really is what allowed me to be so successful with my cold emailing efforts as a new freelance writer and another reason cold emailing worked so well for me is because I thought about my cold emails from a sales perspective going all the way back to step one where we talked about mindset I wasn’t asking them for a job I wasn’t saying freelance writer looking for work as my subject line it’s nothing like that I approached it like a business owner and I approached it from a sales perspective not like a sleazy salesperson definitely not like that but just like someone who really wanted to help their business and really wanted to bring value to their business with the freelance writing services that I was offering so that is definitely how you want to approach cold emailing and you can also do some pitching with high quality job boards if you’re gonna go the job board route I totally understand because I did that at first but don’t use up work and Fiverr and that type of thing the ones that I use were higher quality job boards like the pro vlogger job board and I’ve used clear voice before stuff like that where you can find better quality clients now with stuff like the pro vlogger job board you still gotta look for red flags they’re still gonna be shady clients on there but I have found some really high paying clients on there too so it’s all about again that mindset looking for red flags and figuring out what your niche is and pitching clients within your niche and I will link some more free resources down below in the description box for you guys like the job boards I just talked about and some cold emailing resources for you but before you leave this video today and before we wrap up do enroll in my freelance writing course it’s totally free it’s called make money freelance writing you’ll definitely want to check that out it teaches you how to pick a niche how to set up a site that sells talks about cold emailing so it really goes super in-depth on all the steps we’ve talked about in this video today but that is all for today’s video my friend I hope you enjoyed it if you did be sure to show me some love by hitting that like button below and subscribe to my channel if you want to stick around and see more videos like this one and as always thank you so much for watching I will you in the next video [Music]


FREELANCE WRITING: How to Get Started FAST (With No Experience!)

so you want to start really writing but you have no experience now if you’ve already done some research and looked into it you’ve probably seen people recommend things like up work Fiverr content mills that want to pay you one penny for a word bunch of stuff like that those sites are just the fucking worst I mean more often than not you barely get paid anything you don’t get any real experience working with clients or doing work that will help you improve your portfolio bidding for work also means it’s a race to the bottom so you’re competing on price not on value that really sucks for you you might be thinking well doesn’t everybody start somewhere doesn’t everyone start out on a platform or using content Mills well everybody does start somewhere but that somewhere doesn’t have to be a shitty bidding site where you end up getting paid less than minimum wage for your work so today we are going to break down the exact steps that you can take to start a freelance writing business on your own terms without using content mills and bidding sites you step number one is pick a freelance writing niche now this is one of the most important things you will do to grow your freelance writing business and when I say your niche a niche is just a fancy word for your area of specialty as a writer so for example my niche is writing b2b blog posts about marketing topics so I market my expertise in that area specifically rather than just marketing myself as a general freelance writer this is so so important because it’s what helps you stand out to potential clients I mean especially if you’re new you probably don’t have a whole lot going for you but your niche can really help you establish your expertise and help you compete with writers who actually have more professional experience than you do high paying client is going to be looking for a writer who specializes in the exact type of content they need for example a technology company is going to want to work with a technology writer not just a general freelance writer who may or may not be able to help them with the kind of content they need so make sure you pick a niche and get ready to market the shit out of your expertise in that niche do not skip this step because it is again one of the most important things you will do to grow your business all right so once you’ve got your niche step two is to set up a freelance writer website for yourself when you create the site you want to have professional domains I need to get hosting you need to make sure you get a good website builder you really want this site to look good because it’s what’s gonna make a first impression on any potential clients who find you online now look I’ve heard and seen a lot of freelance writers say things like wait a second I have to pay for hosting and pay to get a web site built um I’m not going to pay for anything until I’m already making money freelance writing that is about as backwards as it gets not telling you to just go drop five thousand dollars on web developer and designer to set up a site for you you don’t have to do that at least invest in hosting get a custom domain and spend some time putting together a site that really makes you look your bets because being a good writer is not enough to when you work it’s really not there are a lot of good writers out there what will when you work is your online presence potential clients are going to judge you based on how your website looks so don’t bullshit yourself into thinking that your upward profile is enough or that some 1990s looking website you built back in the day is enough because it’s not so once you’ve got your freelance writer website all set up and good to go it’s time to start beefing up your portfolio but you shouldn’t just throw ton of different samples in there thing you need to think about is writing relevant samples the key word there is relevant okay so you have to think about your freelance writing niche think about your target clients based on that niche and be strategic write samples that are specifically made to attract that type of target client and position your expertise in their industry so if your niche is writing blog posts for technology companies you’re not going to create a bunch of samples about lawn care or pet grooming right no because those kinds of things wouldn’t position your technology expertise and expertise in the technology industry would be what your clients are looking for what you would do if you specialized in writing technology blog posts is actually go write some technology blog posts as you’re writing samples now you don’t even have to win clients to do this you can use medium or Linkedin publisher or even start your own blog page on your freelance writer website and publish these blog posts they’re something else I strongly suggest doing too is publishing some guest blog posts on popular blogs in your niche that’s super important you want to pitch publications in your niche everything should kind of work together to really position your niche expertise online because that’s how you attract a very specific target clientele and get them to want to hire you alright so you’ve got your website got some samples your marketing your niche expertise online now it’s time to start pitching your ass off the main thing I’m talking about here is cold emailing either the email addresses of clients in your freelance writing niche start sending out personalized tailored cold emails where you really tell each client how you can help them and every cool email you also want to do things like build your credibility if possible make a genuine connection with the reader and definitely definitely include a call to action at the end now it’s super super important anytime you write a call email it has to be personalized and it has to be tailored to the reader they should know without a doubt that this email is for them only that you’ve taken the time to research them and research their business website and that this isn’t just some super annoying bullshit copied and pasted pitch that you sent out to a thousand people nobody likes to get those now I’ll be honest here this strategy can take a lot of work and it can take some time and you know what you’re gonna get rejected a whole fucking lot but you really just can’t let that stop you and you can’t take it personally because really if you get rejected a client does it respond to your email who cares you just keep going you move on to the next client and just keep trying until you get a yes because a lot of the time getting rejected doesn’t have anything to do with who you are or your writing quality maybe the client just doesn’t need writing help right now because they already have someone in-house who handles that or maybe they just don’t understand the value of content marketing so you just move on to the next one and keep going now with this strategy I recommend sending twenty to twenty five cold emails per day if you really want to grow a freelance writing business quickly the first day I called emailed I sent out 17 emails so two of those converted to high-paying clients I mean I was a total newbie at the time so if I can do it then you definitely can too it just takes some work and some determination and getting over the fear of rejection alright so cold emailing should be a huge huge part of your marketing strategy at first but of course you want to try some other marketing methods too there are some high quality job boards out there like I’ve personally used the pro blogger job board and that has landed me some really awesome blogging gigs the key to using job boards is to focus on pitching clients in your niche again this is why your niche expertise and mark yourself as a niche expert is so important that’s what helps you really stand out but still you should not rely on job boards and depend on those as a way to find work do not use job boards as an excuse to avoid marketing just don’t do it you have to also market yourself independently so another way you can do that is market yourself on LinkedIn market your niche expertise put your niche in your headline in your summary start connecting with your target clients by sending out personalized connection requests and really just start building a name for yourself on LinkedIn as a writer who specializes in whatever niche you decided on now you might be thinking okay LinkedIn is dead whatever the sounds like bullshit but this strategy really works I’ve had so many writers email me to say hey right after I put my niche in my headline I had a client reach out to me and now they want to hire me to write for them because clients are using LinkedIn like a search engine and they’re using it to look for a very specific type of writer so that’s why you really need to market your niche expertise on LinkedIn to help attract clients to you while you’re going after clients using methods like cold emailing so if you want a more in-depth look at this strategy and you’re really really ready to build your freelance writing business I have a link to my free course in the description box below definitely check that out it will walk you through how to pick a profitable freelance writing niche how to set up a freelance writer website that sells and a whole lot of other stuff that will really help you get off to a great start it covers the exact strategies that I use to build my own freelance writing business to five thousand dollars a month in just four months you’ll like this video be sure to LIKE and subscribe for even more freelance writing videos alright so that’s all I’ve got for today I will see you next time [Music]


Make $1,000 per month in blogging

First things first, you can…make money blogging.  This needs to be drilled into your head at first. That inner voice needs to stop. The first thing to understand is that it is very much doable, for Trump’s sake! Otherwise, no online publication would be in business and the writers of such online publications would die of starvation. But no, they are thriving like rats and mice.

So, grow over your nagging voice, right?

And now, how do you think you would make $1,000 in blogging? You have two ways to accomplish that:

Start an online publication. See how I don’t say blog but online publication instead? It sounds formal and more like a business. You have to treat it like a business. Keep writing high-quality stuff and promote the holy bejeezus out of it. Simple.

But that’s what everybody says, right? Let’s take it one step further. Consider each of your posts as a salesperson. Remember, your blog does not rank high on search engines. One of the pages does. Your blog does not become viral either. One of your posts does. So, a star salesperson…let him piggyback your best offers.

Calculate how much cash each offer might bring you. So, product X sells for $10.99? Great. What is the conversion rate? I mean, how many visitors out of the total unique visits actually buys your product? So, you say 5 percent? Great. You need to bring 5 out of 100 unique visitors will buy your $10.99 product. Hey, you just got $55 dollars in your bank account. Now, multiply that by 30 days. And that’s $1,650 per month! Holy moly, isn’t that what you wanted.

Write for an online publication. Okay, you haven’t got the guts (or resources) to start a blog. No worries. Go work for someone who does. Blog owners are always looking for writers. Nobody wants to stick all their fate into one marketing strategy. So, every, I repeat, EVERY sensible business owner will start written content marketing sooner or later.

And that’s where you come in.

Now, don’t sell out for $10 a 1000-word post. You have to write such posts to make a grand per month. Or that comes around to 3-4 posts per day. Not worthwhile. Work on your skill and price it accordingly.

freelance writing rates

Focus on how much time it will take to complete it and quote the price based on your expected hourly income. So, if a well-researched post takes you two hours and your expected hourly income is $35 per hour (since you are relatively new), you need to quote $70 per post. At that rate, you would need to write only 15 posts per month.

Yes, whether that’s a 1000-word post or a 2000 word one, you have to decide. It’s your business.

Writers don’t starve these days…if you know how to play your cards right.


#1 tip for a freelance writer in 2018

I would go against the tide here. And this comes from my own experience.

Always, always write specs!

If you are starting out in freelance writing in 2018, you must remember that you are up against a sky-high level of competition. It’s actually very tough to set down your freelance writing business when almost everyone—and their pet dog, cat and even their grandma—is “writing”!

Don’t be discouraged yet. What you must rather do is, think like a businessperson. The only thing that should bother you is whether there is a ‘hungry’ market or not. If there exists one, all you need to do is cut through the competition and wriggle yourself into a particular niche…and shine.

But how? Good question.

Write, write, write.

It means you must always write even if you don’t have a client at the moment. Just keep writing where you sharpen your skills every day and yes, churn out yet another sample in the process.

Remember, these specs or samples that you write on a regular basis forces you to specialize in a few particular subjects over time and that’s what brings in money as a freelance writer, my friend.

Takeaway: Write samples every day. Become a specialist in a particular niche. Clients will throng at your door.