FREELANCE WRITING: How to Start & Find Jobs in 2018 (for Beginners!)

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46 thoughts on “FREELANCE WRITING: How to Start & Find Jobs in 2018 (for Beginners!)”

  1. Jorden!!! Thank you so much for your wisdom. This helps LOADS. One question I have, though, if I am writing samples for a sports psychologist but I am not one myself and I posted the sample on LinkedIn, would that be a foolish place to post it because I do not have the expertise of a sports psychologist while claiming knowledge about it?! I heard recently from a few copywriters LinkedIn is more for writing on your particular expertise, no?

  2. Jorden, you feel real in your advice. So many others on YouTube, articles, and such feel so fake. Like they're super successful elites who are selling their overpriced advice. So thank you!

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  4. Jorden, this is one your best videos I've seen so far. It answered a lot of questions I had in my mind. Saved me time as well. I'm definitely going to check out the blog. Thanks so much!

  5. I have been writing fiction for years, and want to jump into Freelance as well. This video, and the real talk, that's what I needed, and I ended up getting an idea that I can actually work with! Thanks

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  10. This is a good video to help get people started, but what if you have a niche per say, but you dont know how to go about writing it and/or your not creative enough to produce multiple topics based around the same ideas? It just packs on a ton of anxiety.

  11. Loved this! Ive subscribed, liked, and enrolled in your free course. Do you believe Health and fitness is a good niche? I enjoy health and fitness but dont have much experience but im always willing to research (a lot). Thank you ahead of time! Keep killing it jorden

  12. Thank you for this great information! I would like to know though, is it ok to pick more than one niche, or should I just stick with one? I have about 3 that I'm interested in and would really like to work in, but I'm not sure if 3 would be too much. My areas of interest are online marketing, child development, and either mental health or focusing on world affairs (I would only pick one and niche down in the subject). Would this be too much? And if it's ok, how would I be able to make my twitter account work with all 3? Thanks in advance!

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